Join us for our Annual
Wild Game Dinner!!
March 4, 2023
6:00 PM
Doors open at 5:30 PM


MENU: Appetizers, Pulled Pork, Elk Steamers, Squirrel Potpie, Shrimp Gumbo, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Salad, Dessert, and Drinks.


TICKETS: $8.00

Available February 11 at 9 am

If you are unable to get your tickets online, stop by the church office.
No Ticket limits | No refunds

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Terry Chupp grew up in church and as he grew older, became active as a deacon and music minister. On July 7, 1985, he had a life changing experience with Christ that forever changed his life. “On July 7, 1985, I experienced a knock at the door of my heart by the Lord Jesus Christ, which made me realize that all of my good works – joining the church, serving in the church, even as a deacon and minister of music – was not what Christianity was all about,” Chupp said. “On that Sunday morning, I realized that if Jesus was knocking, he wanted to come in where he did not reside – into my heart.” He accepted Christ that morning and two years later received a call into the Gospel ministry as a modern day fisher of men. In 1987, Terry joined the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society as a touring professional. He was asked to sing at the fellowship service for the pros hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society (FOCAS) and heard God knock on his heart’s door again.  A few months later, he began leading the FOCAS meetings and was receiving calls from local churches to host revivals and concerts. Since that time more that 5,000 people have prayed to receive Christ as a direct result of God’s use of Terry Chupp. In 1989, First Baptist Church of Lilburn interim pastor Dr. Joe Ford licensed Terry into the gospel ministry. Terry left the competitive side of the fishing trail in 1991 to concentrate on the ministry. In the fall of 1994, God reopened the door for Terry on the competitive side of the trail. That year he rejoined the B.A.S.S circuit in the eastern and central divisions. In 1995-1996 Terry qualified as one of the Top 100 pros in the world. Since the beginning of this ministry all entry fees have been paid either by Terry’s sponsors and/or any prize money he has won in competition. Terry and his board of directors, in their desire for the highest degree of integrity, made the commitment that money donated to the ministry would never be used for entry fees. In October of 1997 Team Jesus Ministries, Inc. was incorporated and given an official 501(c) (3) nonprofit status by the Internal Revenue Service in January of 1998. “God continues to give me vision of what He wants this ministry to become,” he said. “As He leads and confirms, I know that even more exciting opportunities to lead people to our Savior will be opened.”