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Here are a few thoughts on how to connect with others even amidst “social distancing,” self-isolation, and quarantines. (These are adapted from “10 Ways to Love One Another” by Dr. Tony Evans with The Urban Alternative.)

  1. Call a friend – Just hearing someone else’s voice can be a great encouragement right now. Share something positive, and look for at least one chance to laugh together.
  2. Eat local – Many restaurants are still open for delivery, drive-thru, and take-out options. Many family-owned restaurants around us are struggling right now. Of course, this introduces many unknown factors in relation to germs, so be sure to still use good hygiene.
  3. Meet with your Sunday school class or Life Group virtually – Apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger all offer group video calls where you can see each other as you talk.
  4. Keep tithing – We believe this continues to be an important part of our worship to God, even and especially during hardships like this. We know many will be struggling financially, and we want to continue offering our church’s mercy ministries.
  5. Write a letter – We all get way too many emails, and seemingly more now than ever. But how special is it to get something that someone hand-wrote in the mail? So, wash your hands (and tell them you did so!), then sit down and write to someone about how grateful you are for them, or what you’re doing to stay sane during these unique times.
  6. Post positive – Social media can be a dreadful place where even followers of Christ type things we would never (or should never) say in person. Commit to posting positive things that are happening. Find something to rejoice in every day.
  7. Shop for someone – We’ve been hearing this for a while, but it’s still true! If someone in your community is elderly or high risk, offer to do some grocery shopping for them. Be sure to get the products to the person in a way that helps keep them isolated and safe. We’ve not had many needs like this expressed to the church, but they may still be coming in the future.
  8. Pray together – As we said during the March 29 sermon, many people have used the excuse they don’t have time to pray. That’s simply not true right now. Invest time each day praying for family, friends and your community. You can invite others to pray with you by phone or by one of the video apps mentioned in #3.
  9. Encourage your family and neighbors – Kids can be especially sensitive to the moods and attitudes of adults around them. Speak frankly with kids about what is going on. Offer encouragement that God is on His throne, and He will see us through.
  10. Play together – Dust off some old family board games. Do a puzzle. Apps have given us innumerable opportunities to play and relax with people all around the world. Whatever it is for you—trivia, chess, or something else altogether—find ways to enjoy leisure time together even when distance separates us.


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